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  Google served amost 4.4 billion searches in Oct. 2007, according to data from Nielson/NetRatings.

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  Google holds a 55.5% search share searches according to data from Nielson/NetRatings Oct. 2007 data.

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  Yahoo garnered a 18.8% share of the market with 1.5 billion searches according to Nielsen/NetRating Oct. 2007 data.

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  MSN/Windows was a 3rd with 13.8% of the market share with 1.1 billion searches according to Nielson/NetRating Oct. 2007 data.

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Click SEO Solutions is an Arizona based company that is part of the Click Solutions Group. We assist individuals, developers, and corporations expand their presence on the World Wide Web and directories, search engine optimization (SEO).

Search engines are the primary way that Internet users find web sites and companies today. If you increase your search engine listings you may see a dramatic increase in the traffic (people who view) your website.

No individual or corporation can absolutely guarantee that you will be placed number 1 on Google, Yahoo or MSN nor can they absolutely guarantee that you will get to the first page. But in most cases there are web site improvements that will ensure that your web pages are accessible to search engines and will improve the chances that all of your pages will be found.

We offer a free seo site analysis of your website. We will do an analysis of your current site and give you feedback as to what improvement can be made, time frame to see results, and the costs that would be involved. You will be able to choose if you would like Click SEO Solutions to do the improvements for you or if you would like us to prepare detailed instructions so you or someone else can incorporate the changes for you.

While our new site is being constructed please feel free to call us or if you prefer you can use our sister company's contact form.

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